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Documentation images from the What-if Game at Kolla festival, 2019. All photos by Maïna Joner.

The What-if Game was developped for and during Antropical Residency 2019: Play Until United, producing playful and interactive artworks for Kolla Festival 2019, in Steinfort, Luxemburg.

The Game is a platform inviting visitors to interact with narratives specific to the forest of Steinfort and its protected wildlife. It works like so: the player picks up a paper from each of the three presented boxes. The first gives a character, the second a scenario and the third a kind of narrative or mood for the story. With all three components, the visitor is invited to create a story, write it on a piece of cloth and hang it on the installation. As an example, one would have to write a story about a rock, caught in a tornado, and that story would have to be an epic adventure.

The What-if Game is a story-making game in which the visitor will have to impersonate a rock, an insect, various animals, a forest, a flower, a human in love with a flower, and many more, which will be acting in scenarios maybe apocalyptic, or hopeful for the future. It is meant as an imagination exercise that seems especially needed in our current situation, surrounded by anxiety-enducing news and dystopian TV series. In the situation of the festival, this game is aiming to give the participant a different view about the environment (the forest, the protected area, the mining history of the site) and their relationship with non-human beings and things.

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