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2019. Documentation photos by Maïna Joner. School paper, barbecue sticks, on site. At the church’s fountain in St. Hanshaugen Park, Oslo.


“Fountains will overflow and submerge the city. The green water will slowly run down the stairs, taking with her the small snus packages, the leaves and the dry petals. Arriving at the level of Bislett, she will have accumulated enough particles to have the consistency of lava. It will not be water anymore, there will be no more water. Slowly all water from all fountains will bring all human traces to the sea. There, water will be water again, and the tide will push all the surplus to the shore. The rejected waste will be so many that it will build a wall of a little bit under a hundred meters high.”


The work Fountains is based on an artistic process that consists in creating a site-specific fiction and leave it on site. It is purposefully spontaneous and trivial, aiming to have a guerilla-like but poetic approach to public art.

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