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Artificial Realities is a series of digital collages depicting a slightly different version of our reality. The stories that these images tell are inspired or directly based off of inhabitants' wishes for their own city, resulting in absurd but also empowering visuals. These are then spread around the city, in a subversive guerilla-like manner, in the form of stickers. 


Oslo Barcode, 2018. 2000x1165 pixels, digital collage.

This project takes its name from the Bjørvika Barcode, a series of twelve narrow high-rise buildings with different width and heights, situated on the waterfront of the fjord, in Oslo city center.

The work Oslo Barcode represents the famous row of buildings partly engulfed in water. This visual comes from some of the inhabitants' beliefs that the artificial land supporting the high-rises is sinking. This rumor or narrative is not verified but its existence resonates with the low popularity of the Barcode. In fact, the area had been heavily gentrified for them to be erected there, and become the cluster of corporate headquarters it is today.


RAD, 2018. 1165X2000 pixels, digital collage.


View of the Artificial Realities stickers, 2018. Pictures by Maïna Joner.

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