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OKK_Korsvoll_Flerbrukshall_Shahrzad Malekian_Performance_2023_WebRes_19 copie.jpg

Choreography: Shahrzad Malekian
Dancers: Ida Uvaas, Hanne Kristine Jensen, Ingvild Maria Thingnes, Maja Freiberg
Costumes: Maïna Joner
Curator and art consultant: Ida Højgaard Thjømøe
Organiser: Oslo municipality's art collection
The performance's choreography has been developed in collaboration with the dancers and a group of volunteers from Korsvoll's Sports Club.

Among other things, Off-Site is a site-specific performance. A group of dancers encounter a series of interactive sculptures as public space becomes an extended playground.  The performance is the third and final part of the art project Off-site, by artist Shahrzad Malekian. The project consists of three gatherings with the district's young residents, a series of 18 permanent sculptures for the Korsvoll Multipurpose Hall in Oslo, as well as a performance that invites movement, play and various forms of interaction.

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