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Forecasting Landscape - Jæren, game booklet, 2022. All photos by Maïna Joner.

Artists: Shahrzad Malekian, Maïna Joner


Forecasting Landscape - Jæren is a storytelling game where players represent actors of Jæren that have an important impact on the region. They are responsible for how the landscape of Jæren changes, and have to come together to negotiate what will happen to it in the future. But not all of the actors have the same wishes or agenda. In Forecasting Landscape - Jæren, players will get to act out the future of one of Norway’s most peculiar regions, embodying the uncontrollable forces that shape it.

Forecasting Landscape - Jæren was launched as part of the exhibition In the Eyes of Others by artist Shahrzad Malekian, at Studio 17, Stavanger.

Forecasting Landscape is an ongoing series of site-specific and collective storytelling games. They use roleplaying as a tool to invite the participants to create a hopeful future for their home regions, using the knowledge they already have. The various editions of the game will be compiled and constitute a collection of collectively-made narratives each specific to a city or region. 

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