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Les Chuchotants (Those that Whisper), 2019. All photos by Maïna Joner.

Artists: Giulio Dal Lago, Maïna Joner, Kasia Lewinska, Margot Van Der Sande


Les Chuchotants (Those that whisper) is a series of site-specific audio installations located in the surroundings of Steinfort, in Luxemburg. 

Those that whisper takes you from protected forests to roundabouts, then to fields and gas stations. The spirit-like voices and sounds narrate the life, the thoughts, the discussions of the resident beings of each location: stones, the darkness, a sprout, ghosts, trees. They tell the story of the tree cemetery, the forest that has been wiped many times by tornadoes and is now inhabited by the cracking sounds of the dead wood. They bring attention to this single gas station that tries to preserve the biodiversity around it. Or to the story of symbiosis and parasitism, between wasps and trees. Relying on your phone's GPS location, the immersive and mediative audio will start automatically when you enter a defined location, revealing the poetry and the history of your surroundings. 


Those that whisper is part of the art trail Another View on Nature (Eng Aner Siichet Op d'Natur) produced in collaboration with Mirador Nature Center, with the support of ANF, National Office for Forests, the Ministry of Culture of Luxemburg and Oeuvre Foundation. 

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Les Chuchotants (Those that Whisper), 2019. Photo by Maïna Joner.

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