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Screen captures of; posters in digital format; documentation photos of posters on site, all photos by Maïna Joner. 

A soft panic is a long repressed anxiety that starts manifesting itself unconsciously through missed actions and bursts of violence. It can be caused by the self-protective denial of an inescapable unwanted reality.

Soft Panic is a series of posters placed in specific public spaces in Oslo. These posters contain an image and a short text, that each depict absurd scenes blending together places of our everyday and uncommon behaviour of seemingly human characters. The content of the images paired with the text aims to resonate with their placement, their environment and the users of this particular space. These scenarios, all together, create a network of alternative humanities that hopes to initiate a reflection on our preconception of the future of our species.


The posters are made of a digital collage, a piece of fiction, and a web address,, on which all the collages and texts are archived and can be commented on or interacted with.

Screen capture of, 2019. 

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