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Concept/Choreography: Shahrzad Malekian & Ida Uvaas
Costumes: Maïna Joner
Performers in process and performance: Jannicke Olsen Birkeland, Sofie Bjelland, Kristina Lvova Høydal, Emma Løvseth, Sunniva Opdal, Mila Piljevic, Ida Uvaas

The project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.

STIM is a dance performance that narrates a journey across distance and time, following the course of the river Hovinbekken.
It narrates the interplay between the body, memory, imagination, a resurrected river, and the history of the city undergoing urban development and gentrification. By performing around the appearance and disappearance of the river, the body of the performers connects with the body of the city, exploring memory as a living landscape.

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