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Maïna Joner is a French-Norwegian artist based in Oslo. She is interested in the condition of the human in a digitalized world run by algorithms, who is faced with the consequences of the lie of the eternal growth, the race for progress, and the blind use of limited resources. 

She explores it by creating site-specific staged scenarios, using digital and analog collage techniques. Those images invite the viewer on a journey to what could be as much a parallel reality as a possible future. 

The blur of the boundaries between the real, the virtual and the fantasized is a recurrent theme in her work. In her process, collage and Internet culture are interconnecting and resonating with the landscape of Oslo, anchoring over-idealized behaviors of an un-human Humanity in an existing situation and context. Those unusual, absurd-looking settings, reveal a complex narrative in their multiplicity and propose the use of fiction as a fertile process, unlocking new ways of seeing ourselves and our surroundings, on which reality could feed.


Joner is also a self-taught seamstress, costume designer, and illustrator.

She has an MFA in Art and Public Space from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

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